Expert Consulting Services


Leveraging "lessons learned", use of "proven methodologies", and "industry research"

  • Program and Project Management Support
  • Oracle and SAP Implementation Services
  • Grid Modernization Services
  • Cyber Security and Network Consulting Services

Proven Technology Solutions


Leveraging "Open Source" technology platform, with Industry "Best Practices"

  • Customer Care and Billing
  • Project Management
  • CRM, Sales & Marketing, Accounting, and HRM
  • Compliance Management System

In-Depth Research


Focused, specific and In-depth research, for the Industry

  • Specific and In-Depth Research on Grid Systems
  • Specific and In-Depth Research on Best Practices
  • Specific and In-Depth Research on Market Entry
  • Specific and In-Depth Research on Technologies



About Us

Based in Dallas, Texas, with offices throughout the USA and around the world,  NKSoft is a streamlined, global organization, able to deploy high-performance teams. Whether you are looking for strategic guidance, business or technology analysis, or additional resource support, you will not find a more flexible, creative, and experienced partner than NKSoft consulting team. Reduce your project risk by hiring our expert consultants for your project.

All of our consultants have industry expertise and previously worked for KEMA, Price Waterhouse (PWC), Ernst & Young (EY), Deloitte or at IBM Global Services. We value knowledge-based consulting delivery services, which amount to reducing our clients' project risk by leveraging "lessons learned", use of "proven methodologies", and "industry research", always backed by other expert consultants within NKSoft.   Your success is our success!!!

Our Software platform is based on leading Open Source technologies.  Our industry solutions are based on visionary technologies that disrupt traditional thinking and enable new business models; we create simplicity and elegance in design, process, and delivery; we drive innovative solution development from initial conception through delivery to market success. We can take advantage of the emerging digital storm to create an engine that generates growth and innovation for our clients, for our people — and for the world.