Iluplus : Smart Street Light Solution

Our smart street light solution is a complete system to manage street lighting like never before. Iluplus is a Smart Grid system to remotely control street lights, report failures, register energy metering and save power.

Iluplus Network



Plug And Play

There is no need to make changes in actual HID lamps.

Remote Report of Technical Issues 

Communication between Iluplus lamp controllers and central dispatch allows quick and efficient response to failed lamps.

Centralized Operation

100% Smart Grid.

Easy operation of the light network accessing the central website via internet form the controller desk or from Internet enabled portable devices.

Metering of Power Used

 Each Iluplus controller includes a 1% precision power meter allowing to know the exact power used by street lighting.

Power Saving

Iluplus allows to dim lamps when full power is not needed.

Power saving can be up to 40%.

NOTE: This feature doesn’t work for CWA ballasts.