The Leaders

Jim Volpe

President & Energy Industry Expert

Christopher Dunphy

Senior Executive Oracle Services

Chris Douglass

Director & Utility Industry Expert

Farooq Sobhan

Director & Public Sector Expert

Shahid Ahmed

Director & Utility Industry Expert

Aubrey Roberts III

Managing Director, DevOps Services

John Chowdhury

Managing Director & Utility Expert

Key Person of nTeam

All around the world

From United States

Joshua Chowdhury

Management, Intern

Vittoria Totaro

Consulting / Utility Research

Maria Contreras


From India

Sonali Pawar

Software Engineer

From Bangladesh

Enayet Dawdye



Karniz Fatima

Manager & Sr. Software Engineer


Moinuddin Ahmed Rion

Digital Marketing & Ecommerce Specialist

Zakaria Hossain

Sr. Software Engineer

Ismail Hossain

Software Engineer

Abdul Gafur

Software Engineer

Aysha Siddika

Software Engineer

Sayla Zahan Surovi

Jr. Software Engineer

Momotaz Bashar Mukta

Jr. Software Engineer

Mahbuba Samiha Eva

Jr. Software Engineer


NKSoft Team

Teaming for success includes our employees, contractors, customer team and partners