Municipal & Water Utility Solutions

Track and Maintain Assets, Receive and Process Work Orders, Provide Customer Support, Report on Outcomes and Progress

Do you suffer from these operational problems?

   No visibility of asset location, condition, and repair costs

  No scheduled maintenance reminders

 No workflow automation

   Inability to send and receive customer updates

   Lack of visibility to manage overall operations



Optimize, automate and streamline your processes. NKSoft Municipal and Water Utility Solutions applications are flexible and highly customizable, creating powerful solutions for all types of organizations.


Utilize assets more efficiently, tag their location and simplify maintenance


Automate scheduled maintenance and reduce operational costs.


Improve productivity, set reminders, schedule reports and reduce costs.


Manage requests more efficiently and improve customer satisfaction.


Automate asset management and deliver 24/7 citizen support.


Capture, retrieve and share information; provide online customer support.

Municipal & Water Utility Solutions Benefits

Increase visibility of work performed, deliver 24/7 citizen support and

keep the public informed with our powerful software.

Improve Communication

Keep citizens up to date with a custom portal page that gives them instant access to city news, events, and more. It also allows them to easily submit and review requests online.

  • Increased visibility with the public-facing portal

  • 24/7 web and mobile access

  • Simple to use citizen relationship management software

  • Fully searchable knowledge base for staff and citizens

  • Manage routine correspondence (welcome letter, planned work, code enforcement) with responsive automatic workflows

NKSoft Solutions Municipal & Water utility solutions give citizens and staff around-the-clock access to the information they need, including a fully searchable knowledgebase and communication portal.


Powerful Request Management

Collect, organize and manage all request submissions through the web portal, mobile app, emails, calls or other systems you have in place.

  • Manage any request from any device, anywhere

  • Time-saving built-in workflows including alerts or emails to trigger actions

  • Share data with personnel from public works and other municipal and water departments

  • Automated email notifications when requests are added or updated

With our versatile water & municipal utility solutions, requests can be managed from anywhere, any time. Built-in workflows automatically route requests based on category, or other criteria, saving time and reducing correspondence. From taking care of maintenance requests to keeping citizens happy, Our Solutions has the software to fit your needs.


Controlled Asset Management

Create, access and update assets and work orders with our turn-key, cloud-based asset management software.

  • Convenient bar code scanning on smartphone or tablet

  • Improved visibility by reporting on any asset, anywhere, any time

  • Customizable forms, fields, record lists, email templates, and more

  • Easy data migration from spreadsheets and other files

Local governments maintain capital-intensive assets, to reduce costs, it’s crucial to focus on asset maintenance and repairs, as well as tracking with regular assessments. Our adaptable municipal software will simplify how you organize, utilize and maintain assets, and manage work orders.


Time Saving Geolocation

Make repairs faster by tagging assets and work orders with their exact location and seeing them on a map.

  • Convenient asset mapping and geo-tagged work orders with specific pinpointed location information

  • Simplified equipment troubleshooting and expedited work orders because equipment and parts needed are listed on maintenance work orders

  • Automated work order updates to stay informed of status, frequency, and resolutions

  • Improved productivity and streamlined operations across municipal departments

NKSoft Municipal and Water Utility Solutions with advanced geolocation capabilities helps you manage, maintain and deploy your assets more effectively. It tracks spending and provides informative reports to keep costs down and work running smoothly.


Municipal & Water Utility Solutions Features



Quickly learn and begin tracking, sharing and reporting on the information in more productive ways


Enable citizens to submit requests and receive notifications upon completion


Autoroute requests to departments, automate notifications and create approval tasks


Track work order costs with related parts and labor hours, track FEMA related costs


Report on maintenance history, future cost projections, staff performance and more


Send information automatically back and forth between systems to increase efficiency


View and update service requests, work orders, assets, and job procedures while in the field


Limit what each department and user can do and the information they can access in the system

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