EMV liability shift is coming October 1, 2015. Do you understand how this will impact your business?.


nPOS is busily planning for this new card technology that will help reduce fraud in the payments industry. To ensure that you’re properly armed with the information you need to make your own preparations, BluePay is providing some useful information to help make the transition quick and seamless.

How does EMV technology benefit merchants?

How does EMV help prevent fraud?

What determines whether an EMV card is Chip and PIN or Chip and Signature?

What is the timing for EMV in the United States?

What does the liability shift mean?

Am I required to support EMV?

Who is enforcing EMV?

What happens if merchants don’t upgrade their POS system to EMV?

Why do merchants have to worry about counterfeit, lost or stolen card fraud?

How are EMV transactions different?

What can merchants do now to prepare for EMV?