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Developer Support

Integrating payments into your application or software? Our most common technical questions are answered here.


nPOS has the answers to your questions about integrating our advanced payment processing technology with companies’ back end processes. Feel free to contact us if you have additional questions or issues that are not addressed here.

Does the Authorize.net emulator support tokenization?

What are the response codes returned by the Authorize.net emulator?

Does the Authorize.net emulator support recurring billing (rebill)?

Where can a merchant verify that nPOS is PCI compliant?

What is the maximum number of transactions that the Transaction Search can return?

How can a gateway user be set to have the "Include Column Headers" option for CSV export checked by default?

What causes an "Invalid field name" error when the field names are correct in a batch upload file?

Can the nPOS Gateway process foreign currencies?

What currencies can be processed using Payvision?

Where can I see a sample of an online application?

What is the email address of merchant services?

Why is the CVV result no match when the CVV value is correct but the expiration date is incorrect?

What user permissions must be set to give a gateway user view only access?

Are the AVS and CVV filters case sensitive?

With which banks can ACH transactions be processed directly?

How long is a transaction available for use as a Master ID on a new transaction?

What is Rebill Retry and how does it work?

Why is a test transaction declined?

If "Customer Receipt" is checked in the settings, will customer receipt emails be sent when a rebilling executes?

Are there any images that a merchant can display on its website when using the nPOS gateway?

How can a merchant get help with the DDS/ControlScan PCI scan?

Does nPOS issue SSL certificates?

When using a USB card swipe with the Virtual Terminal, is the address information required?

What does RRNO stand for?

How can a demo account be configured to process test ACH transactions?

Which shows on a nPOS Manager receipt — the Account Name or the DBA Name?

How can a merchant find out about a service interruption or scheduled maintenance on the nPOS Gateway?