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Building a Digital Grid

Digital Grid addresses the challenges, including optimal use of reserve and peaking capacity, diversification of supply, reduction of wholesale electricity price volatility, strengthening grid operation to address fault conditions and increasing capacity utilization of conventional generation. In Digital Grid, ultra-high voltage AC and DC systems play a role in future super grids as will strategically positioned microgrids and energy storage systems. Power quality and demand response programs will help fine-tune and optimize the grid of the future with communications and software technologies. As the generation mix continues to evolve, customers diversify and suppliers differentiate to meet new needs. Capture new opportunities created by clean energy and advanced technologies.


  Grid Digitization Strategy

  The growing share of energy from renewable sources, including solar, wind and hydropower, requires the restructuring of energy distribution. The development of a Digital Grid is a complex process and there are many standardization guidelines to observe. The integration of interchangeable network components from a variety of different providers worldwide presents a major challenge to producers and consumers. Although mature standards and best practices for Digital Grid deployment exist, there is insufficient awareness of these standards, especially in small and medium-sized companies. 


 Selecting the Right   Digital  Grid Technology

Technology is a critical component of a successful digital grid journey. But can your current technology keep up with where you want to go? The right technology can help you achieve the digital grid journey with the best mix of grid resources, empowering you to execute at your functional and strategic best. But successful digital grid journey involves much more than selecting a system. You need the right balance of resources, processes, and technology to help grow your business today and in the future. UICG can guide you through the complexities of digital grid technology selection and implementation by managing and designing business processes and coordinating resources to maximize your investment.  


    Grid Analytics

Digital grid analytics leverages data from multiple sources, including DER data, IoT data, smart meters, and distribution grids, to perform sophisticated data analysis using analytics applications. These analytics give utility professionals the tools they need to gain critical insights into their operations. Designing an analytics platform with uncompromised data integrity and a high-performance, scalable data analytics engine, UICG can help you build a foundation which can drive a faster return on your digital grid investment. Let us show you how to translate volumes of data into actionable intelligence for improved operation.

  • Ensures data integrity: Protects and segments all data and maintains your system-of-record 

  • Scalable, high-performance analytics: Scales seamlessly as your data and analytics needs grow

  • Delivers immediate value: Utilize our best practices and package Out-of-the-box reports and tools ensure faster return-on-investment

  • Simplifies report analysis: Intuitive user interface enables technical and business users to view, analyze and gain insights into data

  • Improves operator skills, tracks KPIs: Reduces operator training time while measuring key performance indicators (KPIs)

  • Simplifies integration: Pre-integrated API's and data ensures seamless integration


Micro-Grid Development

How do you know your microgrid will work before the system is in place? Each microgrid is designed to meet unique applications and composed of a mix of legacy and new assets with legacy controllers. It is well known that microgrid technology can allow power systems to function distributed energy resources during times when the grid is healthy and operating properly, while also providing the capability to physically disconnect from the grid and operate in an islanding mode for an extended period to power critical infrastructure. Let UICG assist in the development of your micro-grid design and deployment.


IT/OT System Implementation

We offer integration services across utility IT and OT systems either as a standalone service or as part of overall implementation activity. It involves various systems such as GIS, Oracle, SAP, OMS, SCADA and distribution management, customer information, enterprise resource planning, and other legacy systems. We follow various system integration mechanisms that include point-to-point (application-to-application), bespoke (customized software for specific applications), web-based and middleware-based integration, SOA integration, etc.      

Let us help you with the IT and OT system selection and implementation support.


  AMI, MDM, DA System     Implementation

Our systems and services offerings leverage our vast experience in distribution utility infrastructure. Combining cross-functional expertise in electronics engineering and communications along with core utilities domain knowledge, we offer comprehensive services across the advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) value chain that includes:

  • Business analysis (feasibility studies, integration touch points study)

  • Systems implementation (head-end, MDAS, and MDMS) Integration services (MDMS to other downstream and upstream applications such as billing, prepaid metering, SAP, etc.)

  • Communications infrastructure assessment (wireless, wireline, RF, mesh, etc.)

  • Post-implementation support (managed services, exception management)


    SCADA, EMS, and DMS

We provide SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition), EMS (energy management system), and DMS (distribution management system) real-time operational systems services by leveraging an in-depth understanding of utility networks, plus over two decades of experience in providing spatial asset data management and technology solutions to utilities. Our strong expertise in SCADA system components lies in field interface, remote terminal units, IED integration, communication protocols, front-end processors, SCADA application and database servers, and human-machine interfaces. SCADA/DMS life cycle implementation services are focused on the control room operations. These operations include system installation, configuration (field equipment, RTUs, communications), commissioning, testing (field acceptance, site acceptance), as well as maintenance and support. Specific service lines in the SCADA/DMS area currently include graphics configuration, symbol design and configuration, and schematic build.


Network Modernization

We provide network engineering services drawing upon our GIS data management expertise, vast utility infrastructure, and asset domain knowledge. Leveraging our cross-functional expertise in IT and data analysis tools and strong partnerships with field contracting agencies across multiple geographies, we assist utilities in complying with regulatory policies. Our services include asset management, engineering analysis of the existing assets, and making recommendations. We help build capabilities for proactive maintenance with predictive insights. We offer solutions and services in multiple areas such as identification of overloaded assets, analysis of operational statistics to define maintenance parameters, analysis of structural integrity, transformation heat maps, etc.


 OMS Implementation

Our outage management systems (OMS)    implementation experience and expertise span the OMS project life cycle. Our services include consulting, system migration and upgrade, test automation, integration with other operational support systems (such as CRM, GIS, CIS, billing systems, SCADA, Oracle, SAP, mobile GIS solutions, etc.), application maintenance and support, as well as managed application services.


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Grid Modernization

NCS KEMA consultants  has  years of experience in assisting the customer in developing Distribution Automation modernization study, selecting the vendor to the implementation of DA and EMS system.


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SCADA & EMS Implementation

NCS KEMA consultants  has  years of experience in assisting the customer in developing RFP, selecting the vendor to the implementation of SCADA and EMS system.


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Power System Analytics

NCS KEMA consultants  has  years of experience in assisting the customer in root cause analysis to reducing outage of the Power System Network.  With our Analytics solution, regardless of your existing system, we can create easy to use Analytics dashboard for everyone. 


Oracle CC&B, MDM, NMS and MWM 

We have over 15 years of experience in Implementing  OUAF, LOADSTAR, CC&B, MDM, NMS, MWM, and WAM modules.

Oracle Analytics for Utilities (OAU)

OAU implementation requires an  understanding  of the end-to-end utility value chain. We have both technical and functional knowledge

Oracle E-Business Suite

We have over 25 years of experience in implementing PeopleSoft,  JDEdwards  to the  current  a version of E-Business suites.